Beginning care at any doctor’s office can be stressful, so here is an explanation of what you can expect during a visit to our office.

Your First Visit will take about an hour. During this time you will fill out a case history form and one of our staff will then review it with you (if you would like to save some time, you can download our New Patient Forms from this site). Next Dr. McLeod will talk with you about your condition, your reason(s) for seeking our help, and what you hope to do better as a result of care.

Following the consultation, a spinal examination consisting of three parts will be given: physical spinal exam, computerized spinal exam, and spinal x-rays. Once the exam is complete, we will decide whether it is best to adjust you on that same day or during your next appointment. To learn more about what an adjustment is, click on the tab called “Activator Method.”

Your Second Visit focuses on reporting your findings to help you understand your condition and laying out a care plan. Your insurance benefits (if any) will also be explained. It is our strong belief that as a patient begins care and makes decisions about their health, they should understand their condition and the cost of receiving care. Experience has taught us that a successful patient-doctor relationship is well rooted when expectations and costs are discussed openly at the beginning.

Follow-up visits are focused on adjusting your spine to correct spinal subluxations. Our goal is to respect your time so we strive to minimize your waiting time and have you on your way in ten minutes. Computerized spinal exams (MyoVisions) will be performed along the way to help assess your progress and determine the future course of care.

Our immediate objective is to get you the relief you are looking for. We call this “Patch Care,” which can last a few visits to a few weeks. Once relief is achieved you will be re-evaluated. At this point we will talk about “Corrective Care,” (aimed at correcting your spine to its best possible position), or “Maintenance Care” (aimed and maintaining your gain to this point as well as helping you to stay healthy.)

Our fees are pretty straight forward:

  • New Patient Exam: $75.00
  • X-Rays: $50.00 or $100.00
  • Spinal Adjustments: $45.00
  • MyoVision Re-Exam: No Charge

If you have any questions, or wish to become a patient, please call us at 269-273-6712.